The True Meaning of Charity

Nov 11, 2017 | General, Masonic Philosphy

Although Freemasons give generously to all kind of different charities, one must understand that Freemasonry is not a charity, nor is it a service organization, it never has been.

The purpose of masonry is to make its members better than they were, not to act as a charity or as a community service organization. In fact, our rituals are pretty specific in what we as masons are obligated to do.

Help, aid and assist poor distressed worthy brothers, their widows and orphans, treat others as you would want to be treated, etc….

But what about faith, hope and charity?

If you go back to the origins of the word charity, you will find that is is derived from a Latin word meaning generous love. So, masonic charity is to promote love, to all mankind, but more especially a brother mason.

Charitable giving, is important, and we as masons should give as much as we are able, but, and this is important, charity is not the purpose of masonry, charity is the result of masonry.

The teachings of masonry and the type of men it attracts, make charitable giving a natural extension of our fraternity.

Article by Bro. Wito Schouten


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